How to Tame a Wild Elephant

Iberoamerican Short Film Contest 50 ED. 2022
Portugal 2021 23' Fiction Debut

A talented and hormonal trumpetist in an all-male music school struggles between his innate spontaneity and the firm grip of his Maestro’s baton. He is forced to find a way to cope with his untamed sexuality, which gets increasingly entwined with his ability to play.

Sushant Bhat

An Erasmus Scholar with masters in Film Direction. Sushant has worked in India, Edinburgh, Estonia and Lisbon. He’s an alumnus of the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. As the first assistant to renowned filmmakers with a distinct style, such as Amit Masurkar (Suleimani Keeda, Newton), Q (Brahman Naman, Garbage), Tanvi Gandhi (Commercial and rain-dance winning music video director) and KV Satish, Sushant has forged a creative language and a true passion.


Sushant Bhat


Sushant Bhat, Tul Rodriguez


Julia Novack, Clarice Laus