Huesca is connected with other parts of the Peninsula through the lines of Middle Distance and AVE, apart from Alosa and Avanzabus bus lines companies. To check the suitability of different means of transport and contrast prices and journey times GoEuro visit, where you can also compare flights. Both the bus station and train station are within walking distance, and the connection between them and the city center is easily done thanks to the proximity.

The Festival is committed to sustainability in travel, which is why it recommends coming to Huesca by public transport. Once in the city, we recommend attending the different events on foot. Huesca is a small and accessible city to enjoy walking. Help us reduce footprint.

By train:

Huesca is linked, with both Madrid and Barcleona by the AVE, Renfe´s high speed train. On arriving at Zaragoza´s Intermodal Station, the journey between Zaragoza and Huesca can be made by train or bus. It also has other connecting routes with other parts of Spain.

Renfe trains:
Alosa buses:
Intermodal Station: C/ José Gil Cávez, 10 – C.P. 22005 – Huesca.

By bus:

The Alosa bus company has different daily routes and timetables from Huesca to Zaragoza and Barcelona as well as between the main cities with destination to Zaragoza. If you are travelling from Madrid, the company Alsa also offers a variety of routes and timetables.

Alosa buses:
Alsa buses:
Alosa headquarters: C/ Cavia, 8 – C.P. 22005 – Huesca.

By car:

Huesca is linked with the main cities by the following roads: coming from Madrid (A-2), from Barcelona (A-22), from Zaragoza (A-23) or from Bilbao (A-68).

By plane:

The airport of Zaragoza is situated some 80 km. from Huesca and has flights from a variety of companies. There is a bus from the airport to the Intermodal Station and Paseo María Agustín, 7 in Zaragoza both of which have a bus service to Huesca run by the Alosa bus company.

Aena airports: | Tel: 902 306 065
Alosa buses: