Organization which manages the rights of audiovisual producers

The 47th edition of the Huesca International Film Festival awards the Pepe Escriche Award to EGEDA, a non-profit organization which manages the rights of audiovisual producers, for its great work, especially highlighting its ability to build cultural and cultural bridges, and to strengthen the feeling of community with Latin America on both sides of the Atlantic.

EGEDA was created in 1990 with a clear Ibero-American vocation. As a member of the Ibero-American Federation of Producers (FIPCA). In 2001, it initiated an active work to reinforce audiovisual production in Ibero-America, through the promotion of collective right management in Latin America. In 2014 it created the PLATINO Iberoamerican Film Awards together with FIPCA, and with the endorsement of Ibero-American Film Academies and Institutes, Latin Artis and the AISGE Foundation; its main objective is to support and boost the diffusion of Ibero-American cinema and fiction, which includes helping awarded works in the most prestigious festivals to also obtain excellent commercial and distribution results.

In Spain it is the founding patron of MEDIA Desk Spain,  and in 1996 it created the José María Forqué Awards. The awards, after twenty-four editions, have been consolidated as one of the most prestigious in the Spanish film industry.


The Pepe Escriche Award was established in 2009, as a tribute to one of the forerunners of the festival, who also led it for over thirty years. José María Escriche passed away in 2008. The Huesca Film Festival Foundation decided to celebrate this homage to honour the understanding between different cultures through cinema. This prize is awarded to organizations, institutions, personal or collective initiatives related to cinema and audio visual arts and is authored by sculptor Isidro Ferrer.

People and institutions awarded from the first edition are those as follows: La Escuela de San Antonio de los Baños (2009), World Cinema Fund (2010), María Lourdes Cortés (2011), Morelia International Film Festival (2012), Spanish Film Archive (2014), Cine en construcción (2015), Pilar Martínez-Vasseaur (2016) and Ibermedia (2017) and the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (2018).