Rodrigo Sorogoyen. Premio Ciudad de Huesca Carlos Saura
Isabel Peña. Premio Ciudad de Huesca Carlos Saura

Rodrigo Sorogoyen (Madrid, 1981) studied the specialty of script in the ECAM. Aged only 25, and the author of three short films, he debuted as a director with 8 citas with Peris Romano, a film with an exceptional cast consisting of Fernando Tejero, Verónica Echegui, Adriana Ozores, Raúl Arévalo, Arturo Valls, José Luis García Pérez, Belén Rueda, Ana Wagener and Javier Pereira among others. The film achieves the favour of critics and audiences, as well as the prize for best debut at the Peñíscola International Comedy Film Festival. His following works are television productions such as Impares, La Pecera de Eva or Frágiles. Together with three partners he creates in 2011 Caballo Films and manage to produce Stockholm; one of the revelation works of 2013 which first got three Biznagas at the Festival of Malaga and became the first film financed with crowdfunding which received a Goya Award (Best New Actor for Javier Pereira). In 2015 he directs Que dios nos perdone that obtained many recognitions, including the triplet achieved by its main actor, Roberto Alamo, which stands with the Forqué, the Feroz and the Goya. His most recent feature film, El Reino, becomes one of the films of the year in Spanish cinema which consecrates him as one of the leaders in the industry, winning seven Goya awards and four Feroz Awards.

On the other hand, Isabel Peña (Zaragoza, 1983) is licensed by the University of Navarra in Audiovisual Communication and by the ECAM in the specialty of Script, where she wrote the short film Martina y la luna. After several works in television series such as Impares, Frágiles or La Pecera de Eva, she made her first full-length screenplay with Rodrigo: Stockholm. This work was recognized by the Malaga Festival with the Silver Biznaga for the best novel script and the Feroz Award for the best dramatic film. In 2015, she goes back to the short film format with Mi padre, lanzador de pesas de la RDA (directed by Diego Postigo), to later write again with Sorogoyen two other feature films: Que Dios nos perdone (Silver Shell for best screenplay at the San Sebastian Festival) and El Reino (winner of the Goya for the best screenplay). She has recently collaborated in the second season of La Peste for Movistar + and she combines her writing career collaborating with ECAM, ESCAC and the Master of Screenwriting of the UNAV.

Both filmmakers are currently working on their own series project, as they just finished Madre, the feature film based on the short film winner of the Goya for Best Fiction Short Film and Oscar nominee in 2019. This work is scheduled to premiere before the end of the year although the Malaga Festival projected a teaser of what is already of the most expected films of the season.


With the City of Huesca Award, Huesca International Film Festival recognizes the bright professional career of young figures of the world cinema which, in addition, have a promising professional future.

The City of Huesca Award has honoured the career of figures such as Carlos Saura (1991), José María Forqué (1992), Fernando Trueba (1993), Imanol Uribe (1994), Arturo Ripstein (1995), Gerardo Herrero (1996), Francisco J. Lombardi (1997), Manuel Gutierrez Aragón (1998), Bigas Luna (1999), Ventura Pons (2000), Juanjo Puigcorbé (2001), Vicente Aranda (2002), Zelimir Kilnik (2003), Mercedes Sampietro (2004), Julio Medem (2005), Gracia Querejeta (2006), Marc Recha (2007), José María Escriche (2008), Basilio Martín Patino (2009), Montxo Armendáriz (2010), José Luis Guerin (2011), Icíar Bollaín (2012), Adriana Ugarte (2014), Silvia Abascal (2015), Paula Ortiz (2016), Leticia Dolera (2017) and Aura Garrido (2018).