Orencio Boix

Huesca, 1981. Screenwriter, director, and editor. He studied Cinema at the Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos TAI, specializing in screenwriting. He has worked, among others, for Valerio Lazarov, Boca a Boca, and Estudios Picasso, writing scripts for television programs and a feature film that won the script contest for the film program La gran ilusión, broadcast by Telecinco. He started working in documentaries at Pyrene PV, Eugenio Monesma’s production company, where he worked for three years as a screenwriter and director. Together with Javier Aquilué, he founded the cultural management collective En vez de nada.

He combines art directing tasks in festivals such as Periferias, Romería y Desengaño and Diversario, with the activity of his own producing company, Sancta Sanctorum. In addition, he works as a tutor in the audiovisual area of ArtLab Huesca, a laboratory for research and development of artistic projects related to new technologies.

His most recent works include several documentaries and video clips, the scriptwriting and edition of the feature film Análisis De Sangre Azul, directed by Blanca Torres and Gabriel Velázquez, and audiovisual projects for museums such as CDAN.