Huesca, 1972. Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Master in Creative Documentary from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her works include España Baila , De la vaca lechera al Aserejé, a musical documentary that she wrote and co-directed with Juanjo Javierre, produced by Sagrera TV with ARTE, TVE, TVC and Canal Historia and selected in many international festivals.

Thanks to the Ramón Acín Visual Arts Scholarship, from the Provincial Council of Huesca, she developed the documentary project Letreros: ecos en la Montaña. She is co-author of the audiovisual essay Cerca y Lejos, for the Spanish Cinema exhibition, a visual chronicle organized by the Instituto Cervantes. Together with Fernando Gatón, she developed the artistic project Huesca Sonora, a sound map of various spaces accessible through the web. This project was developed with the Research Assistance of the Institute of Alto Aragonese Studies. As a camera operator, she has worked,  among others, on the creative documentary Spanish for adults.

She has been a jury member at festivals such as Alcine, the Alcalá de Henares Film Festival and Espiello, the Sobrarbe International Ethnographic Documentary Festival. She currently combines her activity in Travesía Audiovisual, a video, design, and digital creation studio, together with the development of documentary projects.