Daughter of actress and acting teacher Cristina Rota and actor Diego Fernando Botto, she is the eldest of three brothers (Juan Diego Botto and Nur Levi). She left her native Argentina in 1978 with the rest of her family to flee the repression of the dictatorship that ended the life of her father.

With only 14 years old, María made her debut in the film, Si te dicen que caí, directed by Vicente Aranda. Since then, she has shot with directors such as Montxo Armendariz, David Trueba, Fernando Tejero, Ventura Pons, Joaquín Oristrell and Kevin Reynolds, and on two more occasions with Aranda: Carmen y Celos, for which she was nominated for Best New Actress at the Goyas and received the Best Actress Award at the Toulouse Festival.

She has combined her film career with appearances in a large number of television series, including Pelotas, Cuerpo de élite, Cuéntame cómo pasó or Mad Dogs, in addition to working in more than twenty theatre plays.