Actress, singer, poet, playwriter and screenwriter. Self-taught actor, she completed her musical training at the conservatory with acting and theater workshops with Alberto Conejero. She has worked in zarzuelas, musicals, cinema, television, and theater, highlighting works such as Mi primera vez, Burundanga and La Llamada. Known for playing the character of Pilar in Gym Tony for five seasons, she has also worked in series such as Aída, Centro Médico, Paquita Salas, Señoras del Hampa, La Veneno, Candela and La Misión, among others.

She has worked in national and international theaters together with directors such as Francisco Nieva, Jaime Chávarri, Paco Mir, Emilio Sagi, José Carlos Plaza, Luis Olmos, Alfredo Arias, Alfonso Zurro, Gabriel Olivares, Xésar Tena, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi. She is also the author of several short films, monologues, the theater adaptation of the French film El arte de amar, by Emmanuel Mouret, the play Jaque al Rey, which will be performed soon, and her first feature film, Interior-Noche.