Graduated in Cinematography Direction and Sound Engineering. After designing the first pre and post-production studios for the Leo Burnett agency in Athens, he opened his own image and sound studio, Linear SA. He later specialized in maritime and underwater productions. He led the project “52 days, 1943” for National Geographic. Subsequently, he dedicated himself to traveling and making documentaries for different production companies in Greece, Turkey, England, and Africa. Settled in Sodeto (Huesca) for more than 15 years, he created his studio with which he has worked on the post-production and mastering of numerous audiovisual projects broadcasted on TVE1, La2, and National Geographic Australia, among other networks. In 2012, he founded the production company Bold&Bald with the Danish Lars Sørensen to develop the documentary feature Cuando tocó. For Aragón TV, he has recorded and post-produced numerous projects such as the program Colofonia (2022-2023), the documentary feature Tañen furo (2023), La Bolsa de Bielsa (2023), Amada tierra (2018). Additionally, he collaborated on the direct sound of the feature films La Estrella azul (2023) and Cariñena, vino del mar (2023). Currently, he is the technical director of the Huesca Film Festival.