Huesca, 1995. After completing the Artistic Baccalaureate, she began studies in Artistic Photography at the Huesca Art School. In 2015, he began his professional career as a freelance in the field of photography and audiovisual. At the end of 2016, he moved to Zaragoza, where he shared a workspace with the Focus Mood creative collective. In the Aragonese capital, she has worked as a photography teacher at IES Andalán and with various groups in the area. Her work includes mainly video clips, concerts, events and consulting on the management of various projects, including in the publishing market.

One of her most recent projects is the presentation documentary of the new Sharif & Mxrgxn album, in 2019. She went back to Huesca, where she currently lives and works for festivals such as Periferias or the Huesca International Film Festival, in addition to being an active collaborator in the El Veintiuno Venue.