International Short Film Contest 50 ED. 2022
Belgium 2021 19' Fiction

Nathan is a thirteen year old boy. Encouraged by his new friend, Malik, he prepares for a strange ritual to become a member of a teenage gang.

Valéry Carnoy

Valery Carnoy is a young Belgian director and picture editor trained at the National Institute of Performing Arts (Insas) in Brussels. In 2018, his graduation short film, My Planet had already been selected in more than sixty important film festivals. The film won the best film award at the Tallin Black night film festival (Pöff) and received several others awards. In 2020, he shoot his first professional short film Titan, a Franco-Belgian co-production. He has also received awriting grant from the Wallonia-Brussels federation to develop his first feature film Dance of the Foxes.


Valéry Carnoy


Valéry Carnoy


Helicotron / Punchline Cinema


Julien Thiverny