Documentary Short Film Contest 52 ED. 2024
Germany 2024 13' Documentary

In spring of 2022, a group of international tourists take a half-day trip to Bethlehem to see religious sites. But something is strange: the cheeseburgers for lunch cannot be delivered as planned and the souvenir shops are closed. The tour guide duo, one Israeli, the other Palestinian, won´t tell us what’s going on – for differing reasons. As the tourists enter the Church of Nativity to visit the birthplace of Jesus, there’s a murmur among the street merchants about an incident the day before.

Jonathan Schaller, Philipp Schaeffer

Jonathan Schaller studied Philosophy, History and Media Culture studies. During that time he realised numerous short films, that where shown at national and international film festivals. Since 2019 he studies directing at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Philipp Schaeffer is a documentary director and DOP from Hamburg (Germany). His work has been nominated for the IDA Award, the German Film Critics´ Award, and shown at festivals like Sundance or DokFest Munich. His first feature House 4 is currently in post-production.


Jonathan Schaller, Philipp Schaeffer


Philipp Schaeffer, Jonathan Schaller


Jouri David Hoepfner, Jonathan Schaller


Jan-Eric Heitland