Iberoamerican Short Film Contest 50 ED. 2022
Spain 2022 22' Fiction

Sara and David are expecting a visit at home: David’s new bosses are coming for dinner. Sarah is getting ready. An insignificant detail triggers David’s anger. He starts beating her and humiliating her. It’s not the first time. After the violence, Sara has to face the social act. The facade that both have created to hide reality has to pass a critical test.

Ana Lambarri Tellaeche

Born in Bilbao. She studied Fine Arts at the UPV, and cinema at the Instituto del Cine. She has directed several short films: Domingo por la Tarde, So sweet, Birthday. In 2019, she starts the trilogy 16 (2019), 26 (2020), 36 (2021). She also works as a casting director. Currently, she is preparing her first feature film: Todo lo que No Sé.


Ana Lambarri Tellaeche


Ana Lambarri Tellaeche


Carlos Guerrero, David Casas Riesco, Yadira Avalos, Pablo de la Chica, David Torres Vázquez, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Ana Lambarri Tellaeche