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CORTOLÍTICOS: Festival de Cine Europeo de Lille

10/06/2019 · 23:00 · 01:00

Les Bigorneaux
Francia. 2017. 25’. Ficción

Dirección: Alice Vial. Guión: Alice Vial, Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat. Productora: Les Films du Cygne. Música: Pierre-Antoine Durand. Fotografía: Brice Pancot. Reparto: Tiphaine Daviot, Philippe Rebbot, Rebecca Finet, Anouchka Csernakova

In Brignogan-Plages, Zoé who is 30 years old, works with her father, Guy, at his bar “Les Bigorneaux”. Since the premature death of her mother, she has worn herself out by taking everything into her own hands. One morning, Zoé starts suffering from dizziness and nausea, which begins to disrupt her daily life. Zoe has a premature menopause and can not have children. This shocking announcement makes her question her life.

Alice Vial
Alice Vial was born in 1986 in Paris. Alice started with writing of screenplays and directing. She won the Grand Jury Prize at the international Festival of Screenwriters for her short The man who knew a ray. She co-wrote the feature film The innocents  with Sabrina B. Karine. The film was selected at the Sundance Film Festival. She collaborated on the series Great for OCS and co-created the web series Loulou, developed by Arte Creation. She has also been a screenplay consultant on the film Five, released in 2016. As an actress she plays the female lead, in the first film of Palmashow, The mad story of Max & Léon, which was released in 2016. Her short film Les Bigorneaux won the César Prize for Best Short film in 2018.


Hot Dog
Alemania. 2019. 7’. Ficción

Guión y dirección: Alma Buddecke, Marleen Valin. Música: Mr. Oizo (ft. Boys noize) “Ruhe”. Producción: Stella Markert, Felix Schreiber. Fotografía: Christopher Behrmann, Max Rauer. Reparto: Lena klenke, Alfredo Zermini

Hannah is in love with her vagina, a passionate relationship in aconstant evolution, like her body. She chronicles the way she views her body and how her sexuality has changed over the years: through many metaphors she thinks about it, while she is at the restaurant. From eczema to intimate body shaving, or even how she had an orgasm for the first time thanks to her Playstation joystick, she confides in us openly. Thought to be a modern version of the Vagina Monologues, Hot Dog addresses femininity and sex in a humorous, light and honest way.

Marleen Mayr, Alma Buddecke
Alma Buddecke grew up in Germany and Switzerland and lived in the US for one year as an exchange student. She began studying psychology at Freie University of Berlin before turning to filmmaking. She is currently a student at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Marleen Valin graduated from Berlin University of the Arts earning a bachelor’s Degree in “Communication in Social and Economic Contexts“. During her studies she also took part in the art class of professor and artist Ai Wei Wei. She worked freelance at a production company until she was accepted the appointment at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg where she now studies Commercial Directing.


Facing it
Reino Unido. 2018. 8’. Animación

Dirección: Sam Gainsborough. Guión: Louisa Wood & Sam Gainsborough. Música: Jack Newton. Producción: James Campbell-Smith. Animación: Sam Gainsborough. Fotografía: Bruno Grilo. Colorista: Vlad Barin

As Sean waits anxiously in the local pub, he is forced to explore his own unhappy memories and relationships in an evening that will change him forever. Facing it is a film about how the relationships we live throughout our lives, sculpt and change who we are.

Sam Gainsborough
Sam Gainsborough is a young animation film director who graduated from the prestigious National Film and Television School in the United Kingdom and has developed a particular animation technique developed in his two short films Facing it (2018) and Inanimate (2018). He likes mixing physical animation with digital techniques to create a tactile and hand-made look.


Alemania. 2018. 4’. Animación

Guión y dirección: Kiana Naghshineh. Producción: Kiana Naghshineh. Música: Marius Kirsten. Reparto: Cuyén Biraben, Constantin Petry, Georg Grohmann. Voces: Ella Estrella Tischa, Marius Kirsten. Fotografía: Jan Robin Weiland. Animación: Janina Putzker, Kiana Naghshineh, Lukas Von Berg

“There are three perceptions of truth – hers, his and ours”. On her way home one night, a woman notices a shadow behind her. She is overwhelmed  by a stranger who grabs her and tries to rip off her clothes. They fight. The point of view switches between man and woman, and a third point of views is involved: eyewitnesses who live in surrounding houses. They look down to an escaping perpetrator and a helpless victim. Reality becomes blurred and that fears and facts merge with analogies.

Kiana Naghshineh

Kiana Naghshineh studied Animation during 6 years at the Filmakademie Baden – Württemberg. There, she made some Award Winning Short films. During that time she studied as an exchange student in Paris at “Gobelins l’école de l’image”. With the short film Augenblicke she graduated from the Filmakademie. She works now as a director, concept artist and animator for several studios.


Francia. 2017. 14’. Ficción

Guión y dirección: Christophe M. Saber. Producción: Elodie Brunner, Elena Tatti, François Morisset. Fotografía: Dino Franco Berguglia. Música: Benjamain Benoît. Reparto: Mehdi Djaadi «Saoud»

Saoud is the king of his neighborhood in Saint Etienne, France. Charismatic and smooth talker, he is respected by all. A rumor comes up that he might have stolen money from the local mosque. Saoud faces a violent series of accusations which will lead to his fall and exile.

Christophe M. Saber

Born in Cairo, in 1991. Egyptian/Swiss nationality. Christophe M. Saber graduated from the American College in Cairo in 2009. He then completed a short school of digital filmmaking in the U.S before being admitted in the cinema department of the University of Arts and Design of Lausanne (ECAL) in Switzerland in 2010. He wrote and directed several fictions as well as documentaries and experimental films. In 2014, he graduated from ECAL with first class honours. Discipline is his diploma film and premiered during the 2014 edition of Toronto International Film Festival. He won the Swiss Academy Award for Best Short Film in 2015.


23:00 · 01:00
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