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“Only the dead have seen the end of the war”

New Order, Michel Franco


What better refuge than a movie theater in times of war. United in the room and alone in our inner self, with a large screen, a real one,  showing a story that more than one at a time can watch, to allow a collective exercise of looking at the same thing all together, still, thinking differently.

How beautiful is a movie theater, what a refuge, what a bunker! Full of supplies for the soul, of fears, of laughter, of parallel realities, of improbable or close fictions, of relief in the darkness, of happiness and fulfillment when the light is on again, of seeing ourselves reflected or seeing the reflection of what we are not . What a refuge, what a mirror! What a relief in times of covid.

And then there is everything else: the noises, the difficulties … but also the return, the resurgence, and the new perspective of the value of what made us happy in times of deep  loneliness. How important the cinema is. How important the image, the other, the music or the books are; and how much of all this lies in cinema.

How cinema has saved me, in every way, format, screen, together with the shared dream of the return, now beginning to become true. A return whose sight already anticipates, without any doubts, a magnificent edition to come: it is now time to see each other again. A path towards the fiftieth edition. The happy twenties in the fifties.

Let the music begin in Huesca: we want to dance.


Rubén Moreno
Director of the Huesca International Film Festival