YOUTH BOARDMARÍA AGENJO HOME / YOUTH BOARD / MARÍA AGENJO Zaragoza, 2004. Student of Audiovisual Graphics at the Huesca School of Art and an on-line degree in Photography. She is interested in everything related to art, both plastic and performing arts, she has also danced contemporary dance for many years.


YOUTH BOARDCECILIA BUIL HOME / YOUTH BOARD / CECILIA BUIL Barbastro (Huesca), 2002. Student of the higher degree of Production of Audiovisual Projects and Shows at the Martínez Vargas Institute in Barbastro (Huesca). She is interested in the cultural world, especially the artistic field: music, literature, photography, and cinema.


YOUTH BOARDCALMA DÍA HOME / YOUTH BOARD / CALMA DÍA Huesca, 2006. Her greatest interest is art for its ability to change the world. She especially enjoys literature and films because both share story construction, metaphor, and dialogue.


YOUTH BOARDALBA FORRADELLAS HOME / YOUTH BOARD / ALBA FORRADELLAS Alba is 21 years old and is a student of the second year of Audiovisual Graphics at the Huesca School of Art. She is passionate about cinema; she is currently working on her final degree project.


YOUTH BOARDPABLO MARCELO SEGOVIA HOME / YOUTH BOARD / PABLO MARCELO SEGOVIA Málaga, 2001. He is currently studying the higher degree of Production of Audiovisual Projects in Image and Sound. She has been in contact with the audiovisual world since she was 11 years old, when the boom of youtubers and content creators arose.


YOUTH BOARDFLORENTINA LAVINIA POPA HOME / YOUTH BOARD / FLORENTINA LAVINIA POPA Huesca, 2002. She is currently immersed in personal projects where she can express her interest in the creative processes, from the development of the idea to post-production. She is part of the creative collective Inalviis.


YOUTH BOARDIZAN RODAL HOME / YOUTH BOARD / IZAN RODAL Higher degree student in Audiovisual Project Production. Since he was a child, he has always felt a deep love for the seventh art. His future project is to dedicate himself professionally to the world of cinema.


YOUTH BOARDÁLVARO TORRES HOME / YOUTH BOARD / ÁLVARO TORRES Huesca, 2004. Lover of entertainment and audiovisual culture, currently studying Business Administration and Management.


YOUTH BOARDJAVIER VIDA HOME / YOUTH BOARD / JAVIER VIDA Barbastro (Huesca), 2005. Second year high school student at the Huesca School of Art. He is fond of drawing, art, literature and especially cinema. In the future he intends to study 2D and 3D Animation for animated films or study set design.