YOUTH BOARDMARÍA AGENJO HOME / YOUTH BOARD / MARÍA AGENJO Zaragoza, 2004. María has studied Photography and Audiovisual Graphics. She is passionate about the world of cinema and imagery, considering them beautiful and powerful tools of creation capable of elegantly expressing deep feelings and ideas. Likewise, she is fascinated by culture’s ability to generate a…


YOUTH BOARDCALMA DÍA HOME / YOUTH BOARD / CALMA DÍA Huesca, 2006. A Second Year Bachillerato student at the Huesca School of Art. Her main interest lies in art due to its capacity to revolutionize the world. She particularly enjoys literature and cinema because both involve story construction, metaphor, and dialogue.


YOUTH BOARDALBA FORRADELLAS HOME / YOUTH BOARD / ALBA FORRADELLAS Monzón, 2001. Currently studying a higher degree in Directing Audiovisual Projects and Shows; previously completed a degree in Assistance to Printed Graphic Product and a higher degree in Audiovisual Graphics. Passionate about cinema and books.


YOUTH BOARDÁLVARO TORRES HOME / YOUTH BOARD / ÁLVARO TORRES Huesca, 2004. Lover of entertainment and audiovisual culture, currently studying Business Administration and Management.


YOUTH BOARDJAVIER VIDA HOME / YOUTH BOARD / JAVIER VIDA Barbastro (Huesca), 2005. A student of 2D, 3D animation and digital art at CITM (Terrassa). His creativity and passion for cinema are evident in each of his projects, from which he draws references and inspiration. In the future, he aims to carve out a space…