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The Festival is spreading the short films to elderly audiences

The Festival is spreading the short films to elderly audiences

"Elderly to the Festival" (Photo: Jorge Dueso)

“Elderly to the Festival” (Photo: Jorge Dueso)

One of the main objectives of the International Film Festival of Huesca is spreading the cinema and especially the short films world to new audiences. Therefore, one more year we are launching the initiative “Elderly to the Festival”, which consists of a session aimed at bringing short films to the group of old people.

From 15 to June 19 various titles regarding the experiences and aspirations of this group will be screened at 11:00h in different residences of the town. The selected short films, widely awarded in various festivals, have been chosen by Manuel and Jorge Aparicio, scriptwriter and director respectively of the film “Cuatro Veintes”, who are collaborating one more year in scheduling this activity.

Titles projected at meetings “Elderly to the Festival” are the following:

Adivina quién viene a comer mañana. Pepe Jordana. Spain. 2012. 30′.
El pez. José Manuel Herraiz. Spain. 2013. 10′.
Merry Christmas. Pablo Palazón Casanueva. Spain. 2013. 2’.
Paseo. Spain. Arturo Ruiz Serrano. 2007. 12′.
El hombre feliz. Lucina Gil. Spain. 2007. 14’.

During this week, the activity will take place in different residences, the assistance is always free:

MONDAY 15 Residencias Sagrada Familia y Saturnino López Novoa.
TUESDAY 16 Residencia Hermanos de la Cruz Blanca.
WEDNESDAY 17 Residencia Ciudad de Huesca.
THURSDAY 18 C.R.P Santo Cristo de los Milagros.
FRIDAY 19 Hogar de Mayores del IASS.


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