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The dancers are going to Colombia, Mexico and the UK

The dancers are going to Colombia, Mexico and the UK

The directors of Northern Europe and the International Competition hoard Cadiz Manuel Jiménez repeated as winner in the Documentary Competition, in 2012 after obtaining a Special Jury Prize.


The cinema in Northern Europe (United Kingdom, Estonia , Iceland ) was the great ruler of record at the International Short Film Competition at the 41st edition of the International Film Festival of Huesca. The mass of men , Gabriel Gauchet ( UK ) confirmed the predictions that stood as one of the favorites and won the Dancing in its class . Award in Locarno, Zinebi , San Sebastian and Tampere , the award confirms Gauchet Huesca as the big winner of this year’s European Short in 2013.

The International Competition Jury awarded the prize Francisco García Step into Estonian by Janno Jürgens Distance and Youth Award to the overwhelming Greek Chamomile Neritan Zinxhiria , which tells the adventure of an old woman who faces one of her husband ‘s funeral in a harsh winter conditions . The Special Jury Prize went to another Nordic work: Vikingar , Magali Magistry a Viking Iceland situated in the year 1000 work.

The Ibero-American Competition jury awarded short film Dancing in its class to movie The Pictures, the Colombian Ivan D. Gaona, a curious story of two elderly who earn in a raffle a Polaroid camera and decide to start getting photos. Meanwhile , the jury awarded the Iberian Rider award given Altoaragoneses Studies Institute for Best Debut Spanish Presence Required premium to the film , Maria Gordillo, one of only three awards that have been in our country , in this case under compulsion . The Cacho Pallero Award went to the animation work of Coke Riobó ( Spain ) The Noise of the World, an animated hand patterned clay on glass backlit film.

Finally , in the category of Documentary Short Film went to the Dancing Tree , Mexican Gaston Andrade , a work that tells how a tree is ” banished ” from its habitat to serve a rite of a community of the city of Puebla, in Mexico . Moreover, the Special Jury Prize José Manuel Porquet went to the new work of Manuel Jimenez , magical project , a documentary about the footprint of the football career of the Salvadorian Mágico González , become a legend in the city’s club where he triumphed , Cádiz CF. Manuel Jiménez thus becomes one of the few filmmakers who have made repeated presence in the honors in two consecutive editions. In the 40th Manuel Jimenez was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Ibero-American Competition for Short Documentary ” The Lost Village , the dark side , a short set in El Rocio . Jimenez is one of the few directors who can pick winners the prize in person, as it is in Huesca since last Wednesday.

Honorable Mentions:

International jury

  • This way out, of Staten Cousins ​​-Roe (United Kingdom) by trying death using a sense of intelligent humor.

Jury Documentary

  • Kinoki, Léo Favier, Schroeter und Berger (France).
  • Out of Frame, Yorgos Zois (Greece).

Jury Iberoamerican

  • Blackout. Chapter 4. A call to Neverland Bustillo Manuel Camacho (Mexico) for their ability to create mood regardless gesture actor.
  • Eskiper. Pedro Collantes (Spain) for a credible and daily script and a risky start scene.
  • Rodri. Franco Lolli (Colombia-France) for the naturalness off your images.


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