The Huesca International Film Festival, in its 46th edition, gives the Pepe Escriche Award to the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences for the promotion, exchange, research and development works it carries out. This awards celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2018 and its objective is to highlight entities, institutions, actions or people related to the cinema and the audiovisual arts working for the understanding between different cultures through the seventh art.

November 12th, 1985, was a key date for the history of Spanish cinema. While it was a time when the future of our cinema was uncertain, the producer Alfredo Matas summoned a group of well-known film personalities to the O’Pazo restaurant in Madrid to discuss its main issues and find solutions.The directors Luis García Berlanga and Carlos Saura, the production directors Marisol Carnicero and Tedy Villalba, the actors José Sacristán and Charo López, the editors Pablo González del Amo and José Luis Matesanz, the screenwriter Manuel Matji, the musician José Nieto, the director of photography Carlos Suárez and set decorator Ramiro Gómez attended that meeting which later gave birth to the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences endorsed by 87 professionals.

The Academy’s official presentation was in 986, and from that moment it began to develop its activity.

The key purposes of the Academy is the national and international promotion of Spanish cinema, the representation and defense of its professionals and the analysis of the situation of the industry and Spanish cinema. Among the objectives pursued are also to encourage the advancement of the arts and sciences directly or indirectly related to cinematography; to promote the assistance and exchange of scientific, artistic and technical information among all its members;

Additionally, the task of analyzing and studying issues related to cinematography and related arts, and supporting scientific, artistic and cultural exchanges with similar foreign entities or seeking the development and improvement of the different specialties related to cinema, are some of the objectives and actions carried out by the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences