Former lecturer at Zaragoza University, he holds a doctor’s degree in Art History from the same university. Specialist in history of cinema and other audio visual media, he collaborates as a critic and film and music commentator in the program Aquí la radio by Aragón Radio. He is member of the management board of the Aragonese Cinema Academy (ACA) and promotor, director and coordinator of film festivals such as Cine Arte Fuendetodos and Muestra Cinematográfica de Moyuela. He is specialist into design and film posters, as promoting tools for both and festivals, and in the last years he has had a special dedication to Huesca International Film Festival and other film festivals in Aragon, as well as doing research into the relationships between cinema and the world of comic and jazz. Wich resulted in the publication of two books Jazz de película (Publishing by Doce Robles) and El jazz y el cine español (Publishing by Académica Española), or Papeles de cine. He also compiled the `posters off Huesca Film Festival posters, 1973-2016 (Rolde de Estudios Aragoneses).