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Congratulations to Leticia Dolera from CIMA

When we were asked for a brief text on the occasion of the Ciudad de Huesca Award honouring Leticia Dolera’s trajectory, I have to confess that there was a general delight in CIMA, the Women Filmmakers and Audio Visual Media Association with more than 300 professional women coming from different areas of our sector. The collective satisfaction for the recognition of a fellow member is within normality when derived from indisputable professional accomplishments but, being honest, we must recognize that something more is added when our colleague is not only admired but also especially loved. And this is Leticia’s case.

And it is not a minor question, this of a beloved colleague. In order to praise her trajectory we could think of different reasons, as I say, exclusively professionals. We could say that she is an actress that has been able to adapt to diverse genres displaying great versatility and talent. That not satisfied with that, she embarked on the path of filmmaking without complexes, proposing a personal and non-transferrable film at a time when launching this kind of proposals was like putting a gun to your head. That she is a natural worker, unaffordable to discouragement, able to accomplish a titanic task just heartened by the passion of her vocation… yes, we could say all that and much more about Leticia. And all these reasons and many more could help explain our admiration, but not our love, as it is the case.

As many professional colleagues, Leticia could have remain at an hygienic and comfortable position regarding the expression of her positions with respect to equality, feminism and the derived associative involvement. In fact, many of her professional colleagues seem to think that to stand up and be counted as feminist is little less than invoking Satan as it can hold back –you better believe it- your career. She does not. Because she, like her eyes, speak loud, clear and without reservations. Leticia understands feminism as we many do and, precisely, as she is so aware she does not doubt to face it and expose it publicly, without disregarding the mud and addressing it from an educational point of view absolutely necessary these days. We love her without reservations because she makes us feel recognized in herself when we intuitively know that she has had to confront someone saying: who told you to say something like that. And because we immediately imagine her contesting, reclaiming positions, making it clear that what rules there is the rigour of her convictions and her own coherence which, by the way, evince her detachment from fashion poses or slogans since she is guided by her own deep and sincere conviction.

Sincerely, I have to confess that it gives me the same orgasmic satisfaction to see Leticia wielding a chainshaw to eliminate a zombie horde as making it clear what radical feminism is. In fact, both images can blur in my mind without much difficulty.

So, not only we do admire Leticia for her career, a trajectory honoured by the Ciudad de Huesca Award, but we also for being what she is and for showing every day that she is one of our colleagues, seamlessly supporting our association in the path to demand full equality.

Congratulations for this award, Leticia. We love you, companion. Without reservations.

Virginia Yagüe

CIMA President