Laura Torrijos Bescós

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Born in the year 2000, she is based in Huesca. She is currently pursuing High School (speciality in Performing Arts, Music and Dance) at Huesca School of Arts. Always interested in performing and music, she dreams of working in the audio visual field. She likes writing and has received several awards, among them the Huesca Short Story Contest Prize. In 2014 she made La vida por delante, a short film on gender violence produced by the IES Pirámide. Her photographic series Como yo (2013-2016), fourteen self-portraits depicting the violation of women’s rights, especially in childhood and adolescence, was exhibited at Manuel Benito Moliner Cultural Centre and several educative centres. She was a volunteer photographer for the 44th edition of Huesca International Film Festival and teacher of the film workshop of the Espacio Z during the course 2016-2017.