Diego Ginartes

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Master in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies from the University of Pompeu Fabra, (Barcelona) and Bachelor in Visual Arts, specialized in Poetics of the Multiplicity in the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

He has been working for Cinemaissí, Latin American Film Festival Helsinki, since 2015. As artistic director, he has developed and implemented an editorial line for 2016 focused on the empowerment of the female voice in Latin American cinema. He has also worked with other festivals like Loikka, Dance Film Festival, DocPoint and World Village Festival.

He has being cinematographer and production assistant for several projects about Spain’s historical memory, including: Desde el otro lado del charco (Carlos Suárez, 2017) and the cross-media project A train to Spain (Katariina Lillqvist, 2015) about the Scandinavian volunteers during the Spanish Civil War.

Lately, he has been working for the camera department at the Finnish Public Broadcasting, Yle, where he created content suitable for Internet, multimedia and television.