Born in 1986 in Huesca. He graduated in Audiovisual Communication from San Jorge University (Villanueva de Gállego, Spain)  in 2013. Since then he has worked in the audiovisual sector as photography director and colourist.

His most relevant fiction projects are: Los hombres de verdad no lloran, directed by Lucas Castán, which has been awarded in more than 25 festivals, including the jury prize for best short film at the Lanzarote International Film Festival of 2018, and El Color de la Sed, directed by Gala Gracia, awarded with 8 prizes, including the Grand Jury Prize at the 38th Film Court Festival in Villeurbanne (Lyon, France). He was recognized with the award for best cinematography in the 22nd edition of the Film Festival of Fuentes de Ebro in Zaragoza for both works.

He has also photographed video clips, one of the last for the renowned French artist Dj Pone, as well as documentaries and commercials for international brands such as LIDL or Adam’s Food, among others.