Annette Scholz

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While working for several years in the organization of the International Film Festival in Mannheim-Heidelberg, she finished her studies in Spanish, French Philology and Media. In 2000 she arrives in Spain to carry out her research on contemporary Spanish cinema, a topic on which her doctoral thesis is based. She is the founder of the Spanish Film Festival in Tübingen-Stuttgart, co-founder of the CineForum association and a member of the organization of the first Ibero-American cinema exhibition in Passau. She also collaborated with the Spanish and Latin American film festivals in Hamburg and worked with different distribution companies from Chile. She participated in several international digital distribution projects, including the Lisbon Village Festival. Since 2006 she has worked as international coordinator at ALCINE – Alcalá de Henares Film Festival / Comunidad de Madrid, while continuing her researches on Spanish cinema. In 2016 she co-edited the third volume of the series Aproximaciones a las culturas hispánicas (Vervuert): El cortometraje español (2000-2015). Tendencias y ejemplos.