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Show-cooking and short films, a new proposal for Gastrocine

Show-cooking and short films, a new proposal for Gastrocine

The Huesca International Film Festival essence is short films. For this reason, this year, Huesca International Film Festival wants that this essence will be present in each activity. For example, Gastrocine, one of the most traditional activities at the festival, includes some news to have this essence.

In this occasion, five short films about cooking will be showed in Gastrocine. This short films have been chosen among films presented to participate in this edition. A very interesting plan which will be directed by Rubén Pertusa, a local  chef.

Currently, Rubén Pertusa is chief cook for El Bodegón Restaurant but he has a long career in cooking sector. He was for two years doing a stage at Martín Berasategui Restaurant. Besides, he managed workshops about creative cooking with Aragonese products which were part of the project  “Pon Aragón en tu mesa”. Also, he has colaborated in gastronomic projects with associaitions like Embat and Atades. It’s important to say that Rubén Pertusa represented Aragón in Madrid Fusión 2015 where he talked about Winter black truffle. That year, he was helping the Madrid candidate in Bocuse D’Or in Spain. In addition, he is the writer of El zagal que le dio la vuelta a la tortilla.

This year, Gastrocine has a new format. Last year a film was projected but, this year, five short films will be projected and each short film has inspired the five plates which form the menú created by Rubén Pertusa.

Mussels. Spain. 2015. 4′. Fiction.

Rock mussel creamy with Pamko

Wine: White Bal d’Isabena

Abre Fácil. Spain. 2015. 13′. Fiction. ÓPERA PRIMA

Huesca Pink tomato heart with pickles, Aove

Wine: White Bal d’Isabena

Spoetnik. Netherlands. 2015. 10′. Fiction.

El Frado trout Yakitori marinde at ember

Wine: Merlot Bodegas Edra

Knowledge-Eating. Spain. 2015. 21′. Documentary.

Fardel de Ternasco de Aragón asado con Patata

Wine: Merlot Bodegas Edra

De los reptiles-Saurios cafés. Spain. 2015. 8′. Fiction. ÓPERA PRIMA.

Lemon creamy & White chocolate topping-citrus dice melting



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