International Short Films Contest
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1ST PRIZE IBEROAMERICAN DANZANTE, awarded 5.000 € (five thousand euros cash prize) and trophy to the short film LA HUELLA (Mexico), directed by CARLOS ANDRADE MONTEMAYOR for daring to condemn the lack of freedom and impunity of the murders of journalists in Mexico, with a risky proposal, of modern aesthetics, close to the video game, that catches your attention and guides you throughout the footage until its final claim.

CACHO PALLERO IBEROAMERICAN DANZANTE, awarded 2.000 € (two thousand euros cash prize) and diplom to the short film RAPAZ (Chile) directed by FELIPE GALVEZ for the intelligence with which he combines the formal proposal and the transmedia look over the  contemporary reality. For making us think over the daily violence, that can reach dreadful behaviors, which we could be accomplices or responsible for.

ALBERTO SÁNCHEZ FIRST WORK IBEROAMERICAN DANZANTE, awarded 1.000 € (one thousand euros cash) y diplom, o the short film EL CAMINO DE LOS PERROS (Chile) directed by SEBASTIÁN CUEVAS for its way to address the universal search of identity of a teenager through a real and symbolic trip, which will drive him to confront disappointment head-on.

MEJOR GUIÓN, awarded with 800€ (eight hundred euros cash) and diplom, to the iberoamerican short film 9 PASOS (España), directed by MOISÉS ROMERA Y MARÍA, for creating an atmosphere of tension using the everyday as a starting point. A confrontation to our irrational fears we manage to shy away from, holding our breath, in order to make those nine steps ahead we sometimes need to get out of the darkness.

Special mention to the short film NO PASES POR SAN BERNARDINO (Mexico), directed by HUGO MAGAÑA, for focusing on the invisible victims of current social conflicts and questioning the manipulation of these by all parties including those who speak in the name of Human Rights.

Special mention to the short film LA ÚLTIMA VÍRGEN (Spain), directed by BÀRBARA FARRÉ. Let’s thank them for making us be aware of an unconfortable reality, for exposing the complexity of sex education and its harshness.


1ST PRIZE INTERNATIONAL DANZANTE, awarded 5.000 € (five thousand euros cash prize) and trophy to the short film MISS SUEÑO (Rumania), directed by RADU POTCOAVA for tackling with vehemence a reality society obviates. A story that shows a horrendous situation without disclosing the darkest side of it. Directed with a remarkable maturity, the characters are interpreted with great realism, which transmits the tension the story is impregnated with.

JINETE IBÉRICO ANIMATION INTERNATIONAL DANZANTE granted by the INSTITUTO DE ESTUDIOS ALTOARAGONESES and awarded with 2.000 € (two thousand euros cash) and trophy to the short film CATASTROPHE (Netherland), directed by JAMILLE VAN WIJNGAARDEN for introducing the viewers into his story and make them live it with the same intensity with which it is told. A series of funny catastrophes directed with a fast pace, which make this short film a little masterpiece.

FIRST WORK INTERNATIONAL DANZANTE granted by FUNDACIÓN ANSELMO PIÉ SOPENA, and awarded with 1.000 € (one thousand euros cash) and trophy, to the short film FUCKING DRAMA (Austria), directed by MICHAEL PODOGIL for its impressive script, and actor direction which creates a tension and dram intensity atmosphere which drives the spectator on the verge of a moral dilemma.

FRANCISCO GARCIA DE PASO HUMAN VALUES AWARD awarde diplom to the short film MAGIC ALPS (Italy), directed by MARCO SCOTUZZI AND ANDREA BRUSA, to convey the importance that the strength of personal ties and small gestures may imply in a universal context such as immigration. A story about what is one of the issues that will mark the future of the 21st century.

Special Mention to the animation short film OBON (Germany), directed by SAMO ANNA BERGMANN and ANDRE HÓRMANN for composing a story about the vibrant memory of the victims of atomic bombs dropped on Japan. The short film is also a nostalgic and poetic evocation of the relationship between a young survivor and her father throughout her life. A little story inside the History, shining like a small light in the middle of the night.

Youth Jury Special Mention to the short film GUTTEN ER SULTEN (Noruega) directed by KENNETH KARLSTAD for its impeccable sound creation and photography direction work.


1ST PRIZE DOCUMENTARY DANZANTE awarded with 5.000 € (five thousand euros cash) and trophy, al cortometraje-documental WASTE NO. 1 MONEY (Finlandia) de JAN IJÄS. Talking about dirty money it’s common, but when we do laundry with it, the director Jan Ijäs takes us, spectators, to another level. Funny and serious at the same time, the film portrays current times.

JOSÉ MANUEL PORQUET IBEROAMERICAN DOCUMENTARY DANZANTE awarded with 2.000 € (two thousand euros cash) y diplom, to the documentary short film BUENOS DÍAS ESPAÑA (España) directed by SARA PISOS, IRATI CANO, CARLOS REYES and MARÍA BARCELO for composing an unexpected story about the nostalgia for order and discipline imposed by military regimes to peoples, bringing to our minds the delicate moment Europe is going through and the growth of populism movements. And at the same time, hinting though humor and irony a subtle warning about the way the dark part of our past that can overshadow our future.

Special mention to the documentary short film INCONFISSÕES (Brasil) directed by ANA GALIZIA the strong storytelling by Ana Galizia transports the audience to the past by smart and creative use of sound, archival footage and intimate images. While you are discovering the story of her uncle and artist Luis Galizia, there is room for the audience to make their own connection to the story told.


Awarded with the broadcasting rights (900 Euros worth) of the awarded work, as well as its promotion.