luisbunuelIt was established in 1998, gathering the feeling of the Steering Committee, after the honors that the Festival dedicated to him in various editions and after the approval of his sons Juan Luis and Rafael.

The initial trophy was a creation of the renowned artist Huerta Eduardo Cajal, realized in bronze and detachable. It represented the lintel of a door and according to the author, was inspired by his feature film The Angel Terminator.

Nine years later the trophy was changed, specifically in the 34th edition. The current sculpture is the work of the artist from Zaragoza, Fernando Sinaga.

It is a deployed fan that is loaded with a wide meaning.

According to the author during several occasions the fan came to mind, which he reflected on and eventually became his fetish. This object, Sinaga emphasizes, represents at the same time the “seduction” and the idea of ​​”the secret and the hidden”. On the other hand, being an award that is given and carried in the hand, this artist wanted to escape the pseudo-artistic iconography that usually have the prizes of cinema, which are not finally artistic objects. “It had to be something attached to the hand and could not be understood without being linked to it. Nor does he want this prize that weighs about two kilos and is made of bronze finish in any corner lost and hidden has thought of “a piece that moves away from the idea of ​​being considered trophies that are placed on a sideboard.”