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Gastrocine, a new “taste” of cinema

Gastrocine, a new “taste” of cinema

"Menú degustació" by Roger Gual

“Menú degustació” by Roger Gual

This Sunday 14 June and for a limited number of people with previous reservation, the festival offers a unique experience that will please the most sybarite cinephiles.

A combination of cinema and food, in which the spectator while enjoying the movie “Menú Degustació” may be tasting different tapas and drinks inspired in the film. In this way, the spectator will experience the same sensations that sees on screen, feeling part of the work.

This initiative will take place in the terrace of “El Enebro” (Events Group), which starts at 21:30h for a price of 15€. David Matamoros, producer of the movie and juror of the International Competition will present the activity.


Red and white cocktail with anchovies crumble.
Seafood pitcher.
Date surprise ballon.
Tomato Canadian Tourtière.
Squid ravioli with its ink and false caviar.
Misterius cupcakes.
Sweet scorpion with veil.
Indicisión beuf tacos.
Surprise dessert.

“Menú Degustació” tells the story of Marc and Raquel, a couple who books a table at the best restaurant in the world one year in advance. But at the day of the dinner, the couple has separated. This last date will mean a reencounter in a unique culinary event where nothing will come out as they expected.



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