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These days I was listening to the testimony of the writer, adventurer and anthropologist Bruce Chatwin, watching Werner Herzog recorded in the documentary NOMAD, seen in the edition of the D´A Film Festival converted online through the VOD platform, Filmin: “(… ) It is a compendium of contradictions, that could be described as extremely tough, although vulnerable, affectionate and distant, austere and sensual, not very adapted to day-to-day concerns but very effective under extreme conditions.”

Responsibility, flexibility, and opportunity, as well as a selfish instinct for survival. These are the deep reasons that have led the team of the 48th edition of the Huesca International Film Festival to, as it is commonly said, “turn the tables” to develop adaptive ideas up to the Festival history and reputation. It has been a long and tough way, full of challenges to difficulties that we had to overcome with responsibility. Responsibility with some of our workers, with the cultural world in general, with cinema in particular and with the short film as the backbone and format for creative freedom. Moreover, our responsibility entailed what Huesca Festival means as a social event and a contribution to the community.

We will has finally given birth to a historical edition I am proud of. Not only have we adapted but we have also grown and matured, giving shape to ideas that have always been there and that this ill-fated pandemic prompted us to develop rapidly. Moving into an online format is an obvious step for an international festival with global recognition, therefore this step forward is not only a tool to overcome physical difficulties, but it also allows the many people we love and live abroad to enjoy the contest. This format is totally compatible with the more than 9000 people from all over the World, who personally attended our previous edition, and whom we hope to see again,  as soon as this damn bug allows us. In Huesca, some of you will be able to enjoy a great drive-in cinema that the Festival has set up for the occasion which, -apart from some sessions in a traditional format with a limited audience-, will be our main support in the city, in addition to other contents. Everything is thought, readapted, and designed so that in one way or another we can all enjoy this great yearly event that, now more than ever, seems essential to us.

I hope we can count on your complicity.
Enjoy, and let that noise we’re making be sweet-sounding.


Rubén Moreno
Director of the Huesca International Film Festival