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12th Cinema Short Story Competition

12th Cinema Short Story Competition

June 13th to 20th 2015


Huesca International Film Festival announces ‘12th Cinema Short Story Literary Prize’, sponsored by Fundación Anselmo Pié Sopena in cooperation with Aveletra Writers Asociation and Huesca Bookstore Association

1. Any author may submit regardless of nationality or age.

2. Literary work has to be original, unpublished and written in Spanish. Only one entry per autor will be allowed.

3. Entries must be submitted via a web form on www.huesca-filmfestival.com (below), by following the instructions provided by the form and attaching a file with the work (the author’s name must not be marked on this document)..

4. CINEMA is the subject matter, its world, setting, characters, creatives, social conditions…

5. Each work will not exceed 31 lines on a DIN A4 format sheet, one typewritten double-spaced page.

6. Submission deadline is 20th April.

7. There is a single 800 € cash prize. The awarded short story will be published in the Festival General Catalogue and in as many analogue and digital media as deemed adequate.

8. The Jury shall be appointed by Aveletra Association and the prize will be announced and awarded at Huesca Book Fair 2015.

By entering, the entrants to this contest agree to comply these regulations.

Huesca, March 19th, 2015.


The registration deadline for this contest is finished.


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